Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I wonder where summer has gone

I wonder where
summer has gone...
to the heavens above with a whisper ...
the days have grown short
and fall is long gone
only winter days are ahead of us...

don't think about the beauty of summer
for it has passed
only to return with color and song
after winter colors have faded....

for now lets rejoice
in the colors of cold..
blues of the colorado sky
shades of white
mounding on the green of pines...

the leaves have all fallen
with the passing of seasons
returning next spring
with the promise of lazy days in the hammock

the icicles will form
on the eaves all around...
the sun will reflect the colors
of the rainbow from within them

all we have left of summer
are the warm memories of flowers
and buds bursting alive with life
of family and friends relaxing.....outside....

for now lets gear up
and go out for a hike in the snow
the sun will be blasting
to warm our hearts and our bodies...

I welcome winter snow.........

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