Monday, June 28, 2010


sunday shutterbugs theme this week is

Monday, June 7, 2010

a nap in the hammock

the weekend was filled with yard work..
i dug so many of these lily of the valley
out of one of my gardens.
they pretty much took over and i was trying to get sunflowers
to grow there..
alas the birds got the seeds i planted a few weeks ago..
but not to late for me..
i redesigned the garden and dug out all the root
system for these crazy flowers.
composted and played in the dirt till i was beat...
i saved some of the lilies on the other side..

planted my sunflower seeds..
also put up wire mesh to keep the birds out...
little devils...
i will win the battle and have sunflowers to photograph
by the end of summer..

i then planted pots full of these colorful pansies..
they have the coolest mixed colors this year..
then i was done..
after getting cleaned up i grabbed a pillow
and headed out to the hammock...
the river was raging..
so loud you can't have a conversation
if your standing in the back yard...
i fell asleep to the sounds of that raging river
singing to me..
a book by my side
never turned a page..
it was nice...

sunday shutterbugs

this weeks theme for sunday shutterbugs is
i love the way light plays games
around my house at different times of the day.
this lace reflection on the wall catches
my eye everyday.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

a simple foot stool

the everyday things in life
can be so surprising...
a simple foot stool
scored from a junk shop...
what history does it have?
at this moment
the beauty in the grain of the wood
and the sunshine
hitting the floor below
bring me joy...
just one of my treasures
some people would consider junk...
i say...
what's wrong with junk?

there's beauty in nature
also in grace
although the mundane
can hold a special place

to find this beauty
look between the lines
outside the box
nothings defined

everyday things
taking up space
that which brings beauty
and a smile to my face

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

sunday shutterbugs

sunday shutterbugs last week (I am a week behind)
is kisses...