Thursday, November 12, 2009

Random shots from a walk on a pier

A Pier always brings back so many childhood memories. Walking on the Pier and just knowing I would fall through the cracks and get lost in the crashing waves of the ocean below. It is so funny to me now that I am all grown up and can see there is no way I am going to fall through.. But I still think about falling through those same cracks...walking on the same Piers... as when I was a child.

Whenever I am at the beach, if there is a pier nearby, I'm drawn to it.

Piers offer a way for us to experience a view of the shoreline without having a boat. Strolling out onto a pier is the closest we'll ever get to walking on water. Piers are a focal point for fishing and sightseeing, for taking photographs, and for passing the time and meeting friends. Some piers have bait and tackle shops and many of them sell food and drink. But the best thing to go to the pier for is fresh oysters. And then we all get Grandma Helen's fried oysters.

Pier's have the water below and the sky above and I am usually with the people I love and that's what makes them special.