Monday, June 7, 2010

a nap in the hammock

the weekend was filled with yard work..
i dug so many of these lily of the valley
out of one of my gardens.
they pretty much took over and i was trying to get sunflowers
to grow there..
alas the birds got the seeds i planted a few weeks ago..
but not to late for me..
i redesigned the garden and dug out all the root
system for these crazy flowers.
composted and played in the dirt till i was beat...
i saved some of the lilies on the other side..

planted my sunflower seeds..
also put up wire mesh to keep the birds out...
little devils...
i will win the battle and have sunflowers to photograph
by the end of summer..

i then planted pots full of these colorful pansies..
they have the coolest mixed colors this year..
then i was done..
after getting cleaned up i grabbed a pillow
and headed out to the hammock...
the river was raging..
so loud you can't have a conversation
if your standing in the back yard...
i fell asleep to the sounds of that raging river
singing to me..
a book by my side
never turned a page..
it was nice...

1 comment:

  1. Aw man.....wish we were neighbors! Those lilies are so pretty and after you dug them up, you could have thrown them over the fence to me! I need all the garden help I can get. LOL