Tuesday, August 3, 2010

In Memory of
Beryl Eileen Antoniou
Gramma Eileen

she stares into the blankness
until she sees my face
the sparkle in her eyes
can never be erased

what goes thru her mind
when no ones there
does she know where she is
does she know we care

each time i visit her
she thinks it’s the first
her expression tells me
she knows it could be worse

that's all I could give her
i excepted the job
brings me joy
no time to sob

trips to the park
make her happy for awhile
a new lipstick and tiarra
will bring a smile

her stories have entertained
i wonder where they come from
small specks of memory
webs of truth in some

she always lived life her way
until the very end
she cheated the last stages
and we all must mend

her spirit couldn’t survive
being locked in a shell
i believe she knew that
and she thought what the hell

anyone that knew her
knows her quirky ways
and in her loving style
took charge that day

she’s looking down upon us
and knowing we all cared
each and everyone of us
with the last years shared

always remember her smiles
hugs and kisses given so free
smart quick remarks
was her way to be

the helping hand always lent
small gestures of love
the smile on her face
now comes from above

she never forgot the words
to her favorite songs
and what a blessing it is
that we can now sing along

we will miss you

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  1. Beautiful!! Every sentence is so true about her.