Monday, March 1, 2010

blooming orchards

On a recent trip to visit family in CA
there were Almond Orchards
blooming everywhere

I hope you will go out
and let stories happen to you...
and that you will work them
water them with your tears
feed them with your laughter
till they bloom...
till you yourself burst into bloom

People deal too much with the negative
with what is wrong...
Why not try and see positive things
to just touch those things
to make them bloom?

The most precious gift
we can offer others is our presence...
When mindfulness embraces those we love
they will bloom like flowers...


  1. Hi Deb, just visiting from Lens Us Together. Great shots of this orchard, don't you love this time of the year, love all the blooming trees. Gorgeous photos and love the words to go with them.

  2. look at these glorious photos. and these trails of flowers. sigh, for such beauty.
    : )

  3. That is seriously gorgeous! I can just imagine how fragrant it must have been!