Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I hate trash

Everywhere I go I see trash.. what's the deal here people???
I know some amount of trash can accidentally end up on the side of the road, but the amount that I see is crazy.
I know.. I know .. I am one of those people that notices every piece of trash laying on the side of the road and sometimes that is a curse.. It drives me crazy!!

I can drive down the road and my eyes have always been drawn to all the odds and ends of peoples lives discarded carelessly ...
the hamburger wrapper they had just finished and thrown on the floor of the truck, and then flies out when they get out of their truck..
beer cans thrown out the window because who want's to keep evidence of drinking and driving.. sometimes I see the entire 12 pack thrown to the side of the road.. come on.. you take the time to put them all back in the case.. and then toss it out the window..
a pile of cigarette butts in the parking lot when a smokers ashtray was it so hard to walk up to the door and toss them in the trash can..

why don't they notice this?
life is too busy?
talking on the cell phone?
or do they just not pay attention?
oh sure someone else will come along and clean up your mess..
Don't even get me started on people who don't clean up after their dogs on the hiking trails. I promise I won't post pictures of that..

I try to pick up at least one piece of trash a day that someone else discarded.. I want to think unknowingly discarded as I hate to think all the trash I see is intentionally thrown out where it lies.. half buried in the snow.. on a scenic byway.. thru beautiful Colorado..

I feel better now that I vented that.. if everyone picked up one piece of trash a day.. what a beautiful world it would be...

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