Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Once in a Blue Moon

On new years eve this year we had a Blue Moon. Hopefully everyone got a glimpse of the moon at some time during the evening. I was working but was able to get out and take a few photos as it was progressing upwards. This one was taken around 6 pm.

This one I took around 10 pm. With the clouds hanging around the moon it looked so eerie.
Like one of those nights you just know something crazy will happen.. especially with it being
New Years Eve.

I took this shot after I got home around 11pm, behind a bare tree in my yard.. I love the way it is just blurred enough to give a mystical feel to the moon.
One of the first years we lived in Co. in 1989 or 90 on New Years Eve there was a Blue Moon. I was talked into going cross country skiing at midnight to experience the blue moon with a couple of my neighbors. It's a night I have never forgotten as it was so bright outside with the moon and the freshly fallen snow, and of course a few cocktails earlier. A very memorable time was had by all 3 of us.

This shot is my favorite, I used the flash on this one and loved the way it captured the bare branches so precise and the moon a soft glow in the background. It's hard to see but there are very small ice crystals hanging off the branches. It looks very spooky on my desktop.
Here a a few facts on a Blue Moon:
A Blue Moon only happens
once every 2.7 years
7 times every 19 years
once every 33 months
37 times every century
once every 33 full moons

If you want to read more about why it is called a Blue Moon go to the link at the top of this page.

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