Monday, July 27, 2009

I wonder as I wander

I like to I love to hike, just being out there moving and seeing things that change daily intrigue me. A simple daily hike for exercise can entertain me in so many ways. The many different ways the gnarly tree trunks twist and turn, and the flowers that bloom different colors every year, why I wonder? maybe from the rain or drought... I just think about these things as I trek uphill leaving the stresses of the day behind. There is just something about being on a mountain that I love.

I was hiking up to Thomas Lakes this
past week and had to wonder about a few things we saw..

On the first part of the trail up to the lakes, on what used to be a 4 wheel drive road years ago, buried in the trail is this old car. You can see the old metal springs and parts of the engine sticking out of the trail.. Just buried there like a mudslide came down the road during a violent rainstorm, while some unsuspecting adventurers where caught unaware of the storm.
I wonder if these adventurous people had to outrun the terrifying mudslide and make it to higher ground never to retrieve their vehicle, or was it simply abandoned due to car trouble and left to become one with the trail....
Hmm I wonder...

On the same hike we noticed these
aspen trees...
A huge forest of Aspens, and right down the middle of where we were standing was a swath of gnarled trunks. From one side of the trail down through the other side. We wondered.. was it a snow slide years ago when they were very small trees... but it didn't seem to be steep enough terrain to have snow cascading fast enough to do this much damage to the aspen forest.
You just never know what happened to cause this... Makes you wonder... if it was just there to entertain me on my wandering...

The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes... But in having new eyes to discover what is already there.


  1. This is my favorite blog of yours yet! I wonder as I wander... love it! Lets hike for the rest of our lives and explore nature!

  2. What beautiful pictures, Debbie. I did not know you blog! I love food blogs too, baked goods blogs are my fav!!