Friday, June 19, 2009

A meal for company

We had one of my favorite relatives show up
for a visit one night this week.
The food, the wine and the conversation were
such fun I wanted to share with
a few photos.

I have to start with the bread as this picture fits
the evening so well.
A loaf of Artisan whole wheat, sliced and smeared
with lots of basil garlic infused olive oil and chopped
green olives with pimentos. Wrapped in foil and baked.
I have to admit...
The bread was tasty...

Main dish, Phil did his water smoked chickens,
covered with his dry rub and slow smoked for
over 5 hours breast side down.
Makes the juiciest white meat you've ever had.

Your going to keep seeing this great bottle of
wine we had with dinner in all these pictures as it
was by our side while cooking also..
We opened it a little early...
It is a Layer Cake Shiraz from Australia.
The name of the winery says it all. This wine
plays with your taste buds for quite some time.

We can't have a dinner party without making
one of my crazy salads.
I did spring greens with herbs and lots of arugula.
Dried cherries, sliced pears, thin sliced red onion
and lots of toasted walnuts. Gorgonzola cheese on
top and dressed with a splash of lemon infused
olive oil and orange muscat champagne vinegar
and then a grind or two of cracked pepper on top.

Our veggie dish was lemon garlic cauliflower,
this is our veggie recipe of choice right now
we can't seem to get enough of it.

Our table always looks so pretty right before we dig in...

And last but never least, dessert.
Pistachio gelato with fresh raspberries.
It was sad to see our company leave but
I will be visiting them next month and I'm sure
there will be much more ...
Good food
Good wine
Good times

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